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Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m Rae Shagalov,

Jewish artist, writer, innovative educator, course creator, and master calligrapher

See that little girl next to me? That’s my granddaughter and she’s my “why.” My grandchildren are why I work so hard to make sure meaningful Jewish connection is at the core of everything we do.

I strongly believe that G-d endowed us with many gifts that can be used to energize ourselves, nurture our families and light up the world! Even if 5 minutes a day is all you’ve got. 

My goal is to inspire you to live a happy, fulfilling life, based on Torah and to help you energize your faith and connection to G-d through your own creativity, in whatever form that takes.  

And my Passion Project is to transform education so that the gifts and talents of ALL children can be expressed in joyful learning. I hope you’ll join me!

The Foundation of All of My Programs

Incredible Jewish Community

You’ll join the most amazing, warm & loving, non-judgmental, positive, safe, creative, wise and wonderful group of Torah-centered thought leaders. Our classes & meetings are infused with Chassidus, Torah & mitzvahs.

Training, Coaching & Accountability

As a trained librarian, artist, teacher, long-time mentor, coach and tech-trainer, I am in my happy zone when you ask questions and I get to show you how to launch your great ideas and strategically plan your passion projects.

Loads of Helpful Resources

I just love creating powerful presentations, interactive journals, useful templates, colorful posters, games, calligraphy artnotes filled with Jewish wisdom, books, meditations and just about anything you need! I always build my programs around the needs of my community.

The Programs


Shine Your Light Leadership Academy

Unlock the full creative potential of your kids with passion projects rooted in Jewish values! Join other Jewish families and educators who are creatively changing the way kids learn!


Shine Your Light Leadership Academy PLUS Innovation Lab

All of the wonderful resources in Shine Your Light Leadership Academy PLUS group coaching for you and your kids and extra curriculum support for educators & homeschool in our Innovation Lab twice a month via Zoom. Plus more training & bonuses!


Passion Projects Mastermind for Jewish Women

Explore and develop your wonderful ideas & projects – shoved in drawers, stacked in closets, hidden under your bed and in your heart – they’re wrapped in your soul just waiting to come out – with the most amazing community of creative Jewish women!

Get tons of coaching and accountability support, journals, masterclasses, art, meditations, and the Passion Projects Roadmap course to complete your precious dreams and legacy projects!

Life-Changing Art & Books By Rae Shagalov


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What’s a Soul Like You…


“What’s a Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?”, is a 42-day program delivered in e-book format. You can complete the pleasant, creative, introspective Soul Adventures in just a few minutes a day, and create your Personal Development Plan at your own pace.

Joyfully Jewish Shop

$1 & Up

Come and visit my Joyfully Jewish shop which is packed with delightful books, planners, printables, journals, my Joyfully Jewish series and Etsy store coloring pages & templates. You are sure to find something for everyone – teachers, parents, grandparents, and children!



Working on this project with my 6-year- olds, was a most empowering experience , both for myself as well as the students. Watching these little girls tackle homelessness, head on, was inspiring. They matured before my eyes, as they independently spearheaded the coat and sweater drive. Within an eight week period, they collected over 750 pieces. As their empathy grew, so did their confidence and willingness to tackle very grown up topics and ambitions. As an educator, I came to realize how truly independent young children can be. I found that across the board, my students transformed into being independent thinkers and self- starters. These skills will help carry them through life. What we all gained was truly priceless.

Morah Malka

1st Grade Morah, Emek Hebrew Academy

I can’t even explain in words how beautiful this is to have a Passion Project for kids. To start something and finish, and do chesed for others and for kids to have the feeling of GIVING. On every level it is amazing B”H.

It was a smashing success!! My six year old daughter wanted to make sight word cards for the neighborhood. We handed them out to kids we didn’t know, and it was so nice, in so many ways to create something useful for others, B”H!!! This fills a gap and offers a solution that works with the system and helps kids, teachers, parents, everyone!

Chana Voola

Homeschooling mom and author of many books for Jewish children

My son was instantly attracted to playing the Creator Cards game. At first he was stumped. Then he remembered that I had broken my glasses. So he set to work making pipe cleaner glasses for me… until it dawned on him that him that they wouldn’t work without lenses.

But, what was really special about this first experience was how it planted the seed for his desire to do something useful and creative and fun for someone else. The next day while getting ready for bed he said, “Mom, we need a chart for night time routine. I’ll make it!” He took ownership! And he didn’t stop there. He learned how to use Canva and now we have charts for morning routine, night time routine, and Shabbos prep! All because of this game. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of next!

Marina Tselner

Artist & Art Educator, Studio Art Heart, .

Rae is so gentle and wise, she is not only accomplished and experienced, she’s been doing this for decades! 

I felt cherished for who I am… as I am, ‘gifted’ instead of ‘all over the place’. I learned that there were actual smart solutions to help get over these hurdles, and that others have successfully jumped them and that I am in the perfect place to finally move past all the noise to the dream I really want to achieve.

I don’t think I could possibly ever imagine a better coach.

I hope to stay in the program forever!

Leah Mandl

CEO Emunah Inspired

The steps are clear and I love how Hashem is included! I did this with my 9 & 6 year old daughters. I never thought to ask my kids these questions and it was really special. My 9 year old made a neighborhood nature guide and my 6 year old made sight word cards for other new readers like herself.

Chana Voola

Homeschooling mom and author of many books for Jewish children

Rae’s Mastermind has helped me open up and see new possibilities and held me accountable to show up. It is inspiring to watch other women overcome their challenges. 

The group support is nurturing and validating.  It is incredible being in Rae’s program as her knowledge & wisdom are vast – technologically, spiritually AND emotionally. Creative Ideas have been suggested that had never occurred to me before.

Rae’s technical suggestions, brainstorming together, providing space to go at my own pace, and observing the process of others was so valuable!

Dobra Spinner


I was able to take an idea I had been working on for over a year and in less than three months I was able to create an Etsy site, a logo, order products and get my store up and running and I have already made some sales.

That is the “practical” part of the Mastermind. The community of women who gave their love and support, who provided so much Jewish and Torah training and who made it such a pleasure to come to the call every week is something I could not put a price on. It uplifted me every week and was wonderful!

Holly Zucker

Caregivers Gift Shop

It’s so much fun to be a part of Rae’s Passion Project Mastermind!! I enjoyed Rae Shagalov’ s Passion Project so very much, that I happily signed up to do it again!  

Rae’s gentle and empowering style, infused with her thoughtful and joyfully Jewish perspective and insights combine to create a strong foundation, support system and encouragement for each member of the group. Rae skillfully guides each member of the group with their individual project and leads a dynamic group discussion. Rae’s delightful calligraphic artwork and thoughtful reflections enhance her wonderful programming.

Lilly Rublin-Sokoloff

Mikdash Mi'aht Magazine

Thanks to joining, I have now put my Passion Project on the front burner. I feel so empowered and confident that I will produce it. 

I love every part of our sessions. The format is awesome! I love the sharing and the feedback. That’s how I learn what I need to do to advance my project. I especially love the women and our connections and all the support and information sharing.  


Sigy Laredo

JEMS Founder & Director