Hi! My Name is Rae Shagalov

I’m a bubby, Jewish artist, writer, innovative educator, course creator, publisher, and master calligrapher

I strongly believe that G-d endowed us with many gifts that can be used to energize us, nurture our families and light up the world! Even if 5 minutes a day is all you’ve got. 

As a school librarian and gifted education specialist, I’ve had the privilege to guide more than 4,000 children and women to develop their talents and bring out their greatness through project-based learning and the Nurtured Heart Approach®.

My goal is to help you access your own inner resources – your intuition, your creativity, and your own holy spark so that you can live a rich, meaningful, confident Joyfully Jewish life, fulfilling your G-d given mission.


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What They Say

I felt cherished for who I am… as I am, and ‘gifted’ instead of ‘all over the place’.

I learned smart solutions to help me get over these hurdles and finally move past all the noise to the dream I really want to achieve.

Leah Mandl

Emunah Inspired

I enjoy the networking, hearing different ideas and perspectives, and the wonderful support group.

I was able to identify the feelings behind my hesitation and what was really stopping me.

Gila Slonim

Avnei Hahoshen & Crystals

I received encouragement and the push to make my 30-year-old dream a reality. Once the “book came out of the drawer” (after 30 years!).

Rae gave me invaluable advice and the tools to move forward. The group’s encouragement, both project minded and spiritual, is so powerful.

Mona Riss