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Let’s put our beautiful minds together to come up with the next best thing we can each do, with whatever talents and passions we’ve got!

Breakthrough Blueprint Workshop!

Let’s Unleash Our Holy Chutzpah to Bring Geulah with All of Our Might!

With Rae Shagalov

Tuesday, July 25, 10:00 AM PST/ 1:00 PM EST
8:00 PM Israel/ 6:00 PM England

You’ll learn how to 10 Practical & Spiritual Steps to: 

  • Unlock your creative potential
  • Master your mindset
  • Unleash your inner power
  • Design your path to success
  • Deepen your partnership with Hashem

It’s absolutely urgent that we do whatever we can to get the world unstuck – joyfully!

Let’s help each other get to the next level. 

Network with other amazing Jewish women!

We’re going to meet for a Geulah Mastermind and help each other stretch to the next level of our abilities to bring Geulah into full revelation. We’re going to cultivate Geulah Breakthrough Mindset and support each other to have the courage to leap over our personal limitations. 

Discover the keys to unlocking your hidden talents

  • Conquer your self-doubt
  • Practical tools & techniques to break free from limitations
  • Create your personal Geulah

If you feel stuck, discouraged, confused or excited to use the fullness of the incredible person you are, join us in this Breakthrough workshop! | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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