When the storm came to California last week, most people hunkered down, but my granddaughter and I could not resist delighting in the rare summer rain. As the heavens opened up in the night, my 11 year old granddaughter and I grabbed our umbrellas and went out and danced in the puddles. 

Now, this child is more of the engineering type. When it’s time for the school plays, she’s the one behind the scenes, never performing in the spotlight. But this night, the pouring rain, the flowing streams, and the umbrella conspired to bring out the wholeness in her.

She delicately balanced her umbrella high in the air while splashing and twirling in the deepest puddles until she felt her dance was whole and complete. If you’d like to see the Rain Visitor Dance (women only please), you can view it here.

We are now in the month of Elul. This is the time when, as the Alter Rebbe (Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi) says,

“The King is in the field. No effort or preparation is necessary to ‘meet’ G-d Almighty and crown Him as our King and Master for He is with every Jew, ‘in the field.’ He is not inside His Royal Palace, secluded in His throne room, but out in the field, with every Jew. The Alter Rebbe emphasizes that the King ‘shows them a happy countenance.’ He smiles to them and receives them graciously with a pleasant and radiant face, and He awaits their requests so that He may fulfill them.” 

Elul is the month preceding Tishrei, the beginning of the Jewish year, starting with the holiday of Rosh Hashanah [begins Friday, September 15 at sunset; ends Sunday, September 17 at nightfall]. It is during the month of Elul that we try and focus on our past year and reflect on our deeds. We strive to bring ourselves back to wholeness by atoning for our mistakes, and contemplating what actions and changes we need to make for the new year to come to restore the wholeness of our souls and the balance of the world. During this month of rebalancing, G‑d relates to us in a more open and compassionate manner than He does in the other months of the year,

So, my friend, be sure to take advantage of these very auspicious days. The King in the field is waiting for you! Splash and twirl in the depths of your soul in a beautiful dance of re-creating harmony and wholeness in that beautiful neshama of yours!