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You want your kids off the screens but they complain there’s nothing to do. 

They’re so bored! Now, there’s something you can do about it.


Does this sound like your kids?

frown  Too much time on screens

frown  Bored or disruptive in school

frown  Under-challenged or not motivated

frown  Complain there’s nothing to do

You wish they would do something on their own.

You want to help but you don’t know what to do!

Are you ready to see a transformation?
Watch in delight as your kids light up with excitement and become:

⭐ Excited about learning

⭐ Self-motivated learners

⭐ Empathetic leaders

⭐ Cooperative at home and school

You want self-motivated kids who love learning so…

You tried talking to the school

BUT they couldnt’ or wouldn’t make any changes in the classroom. They are doing what they think is best but it’s not always a good fit for your kids.


You try to keep them busy with activities

BUT it takes so much time, you run out of ideas so quickly, and when the activity is over, they’re bored again, and looking for something to do.


You wish they would do their work on their own

BUT you find yourself nagging and frustrated because nothing seems to work to motivate them to do what they need to do without being told… and told again!


Let me show you what’s possible!


As a school librarian & gifted education specialist for over 30 years, I’ve mentored thousands of kids. Many children work on their self-directed projects over several months – or even years!

They develop their leadership abilities in real-life situations, helping others with their talents. Their self-esteem grows. They become transformed! And this transformation spills over into the classroom and home.


Here are just a few examples:

Independent Toy Drive
8 Year Old Girls

These girls had their first experience running a chesed (charity) project in Morah Malka’s 1st grade class collecting 700 coats for the poor. In 3rd grade they asked to run a toy drive for foster kids. They came in every day at recess for 2 months to work on it.

Then the Covid lockdown hit and the whole school went remote. The toys were locked in school. In May they contacted me. “Mrs. Shagalov, we have to finish our project!” On their own initiative, they wrapped and delivered the toys to the ICare Foundation, completing their project.

Engineering Talent
At Recess!

J.S is a gifted student with a strong engineering talent. Through his elementary school years, we encouraged him to design cities, bridges, marble mazes and many other design projects. When he began middle school, he persuaded us to get our first 3D printer in the Library Innovation Lab.

We put him in charge! He managed the entire program. He assembled and repaired the machines, directed his team, and  trained the teachers and 3rd-8th graders in 3D design for 3 years. Then he selected and trained his replacements when he graduated!


Noa is 8. She made this bracelet to remind herself of her spiritual goal for Elul.

Ben & David, age 8, worked together on a book about the mitzvah of honoring their parents.

I’ll be honest with you.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy.

I don’t know why, but schools seem to be the slowest of all to change. Too many kids are “falling between the cracks” because they need more choice in how they learn.

Greetings & Blessings, my friend!

My name is Rae Shagalov, founder of the Shine Your Light Leadership Academy, the Passion Projects Mastermind for Jewish Women, and Holy Sparks Press.

I’m a busy wife, mom, bubby, educator & artist with a few college degrees. But, I’ll tell you a secret. I’m also a high school dropout. I was a straight-A student but in my last year of public high school, I felt so stifled. I just couldn’t stand it anymore!

I don’t want any bright kids to suffer as I did!


But then…

everything changed.

When I dropped out of public high school at age 17, I looked around for an alternative way to go to college. That’s when I found a small experimental school called the Unschool of New Haven.

There were no paid teachers or staff at the Unschool. We all took turns being principal, guidance counselor, and secretary. We each decided what we needed to learn to get into college or start a career. Then we found college students to come and teach us those things.

We were completely in charge of our own education and it was amazing!

When I became a school librarian, I made it my mission to try to recreate that experience for every student.

… And then came the obstacles.

After college, I became a teacher. I was back in the education system again and nothing had changed! Teachers were still lecturing. Kids were still stuck in chairs yawning and filling out worksheets.


They were doing the work, but were they truly learning?

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.
Everyone was doing the best they could.
But the system itself was 100 years old and it wasn’t working for so many kids.
It stifled the creativity of the teachers and the kids.


And it took all of the fun out of learning!

So I tried…

Talking to the principals

… But they were mostly not so open to new ideas.

Meeting with teachers

… But they felt there was so much to teach and too little time to try anything new.

Trying to change the curriculum

…But there wasn’t much wiggle room.

Many Creative Programs in the Library

… And the kids loved them! But it still wasn’t putting them in charge of their own learning and it wasn’t changing the system.

It hurt my heart to see so many kids who don’t like school because they’re not allowed to use their talents and creativity in the classroom.

And that’s when it hit me!

Passion Projects would be the very best way to transform the kids’ school experience!

Maybe we couldn’t change a whole school, but we could put each child in charge of his or her own project a little bit each day!





In just 15 minutes a day, the kids began to create amazing projects!

That’s how I began the “Shine Your Light” Passion Projects program. We invited the kids to start projects at recess, after school, and for gifted kids in a 30-minute/week pull-out program. With G-d’s help, I’ve coached more than 4,000 children, women, and teachers to develop their creativity, talents, and leadership abilities through passion project-based learning and I want to show you how you can do it, too!

Here are just a few examples of Passion Projects kids have actually done:

⭐ 1st Graders collected 700 coats for the homeless and put kind notes in the pockets

⭐ A team of four 6th Graders organized and ran the 3D printing program at their school FOR 3 YEARS!

⭐ A 9 year old boy researched and wrote a book to convince his uncle to quit smoking. P.S. It worked!

⭐ 3 Nine year old girls ran a toy drive for foster kids

⭐ A 7th grade girl redistributed leftover cafeteria meals as warm dinners for poor families

⭐ A 10 year old published a book on Amazon - and it became a best seller!

⭐ A 6th grader ran lunchtime farbrengens and taught Tanya

⭐ A 7 year old set a goal to be on time for school every morning. She organized her siblings to make it happen!

⭐ Three 5TH Grade girls investigated bug infested bushes on the school playground and found organic remedies to resolve it

…And so many more!

The best thing?

The kids were doing all the work and loving it!

And it wasn’t just the “good” kids.
It was the bored & disruptive kids, too!

The teachers and principals began to notice it. After a while, they wanted to try it in the classroom, too! The parents started noticing great changes at home. Kids were becoming more responsible. Their self-esteem was soaring!

I recently retired from my 20-year career as a school librarian and gifted education specialist at Emek Hebrew Academy and Yavneh Hebrew Academy.

But I couldn’t stay retired when the need is so urgent!

Now, I want to help you and your kids with my PROVEN unique transformational program that has helped thousands of kids like yours. I can pretty much guarantee that with G-d’s help, you will see your kids do remarkable things!

It will change their lives and how they see themselves!

And your life will change, too!

I can’t wait to meet you inside our

Shine Your Light Leadership Academy!

Put your kids in charge of their own learning with Passion Projects!


7 open-ended printable games and resources with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR A LIFETIME!

⭐ On-demand training

Games & journals

⭐ Posters & other resources!

⭐ Monthly Q & A PLUS 

⭐ Monthly challenges & posters

⭐ Community support

PLUS monthly support from an experienced educator who has taught more than 4,000 students! 


Just $7/month  –  Cancel any time.

I can’t even explain in words how beautiful this is to have a Passion Project for kids. To start something and finish, and do chesed for others and for kids to have the feeling of GIVING. On every level it is amazing B”H.

It was a smashing success!! My six year old daughter wanted to make sight word cards for the neighborhood. We handed them out to kids we didn’t know, and it was so nice, in so many ways to create something useful for others, B”H!!! This fills a gap and offers a solution that works with the system and helps kids, teachers, parents, everyone!

Chana Voola

Homeschooling Mom and author of Parsha Inspired, Tefillah Power and many Jewish workbooks for kids

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

Get Kids Creating

Set up a place in your home or classroom with plenty of colorful supplies that just invite creativity. Give your kids lots of creative challenges to stimulate their imagination and develop their talents and  craftsmanship.

Encourage Them to Look for Problems to Solve

Ask them questions that get them searching their homes, schools, and neighborhoods for real-life problems that they want to help solve. Brainstorm with them what they could do to fix them.

Put Them In Charge of the Problem

Challenge them to plan in detail how they could help solve the problem using their talents, creativity and passions to help others, in partnership with G-d. Then encourage them to try it!

Welcome to…

The Shine Your Light Leadership Academy

The membership program gives you everything need to get your kids going with their Passion Projects for just $7/month!

The possibilities are endless!

Just $7/month. Cancel any time.


So, how do you get started with Passion Projects?



Creativity in action is messy. There’s no getting around that.

In Shine Your Light Leadership Academy, I’ll show you how to set up and organize a pleasing, well-organized space that just invites creativity, focus, and delight – even if you have limited space!



Organizing Tips

Set up a creative environment that will become the hub of your home or classroom.


The Best Supplies

I’ll give you my list of the best, free & cheap supplies for creativity.


126 Project Tickets!

Your kids will have fun choosing project tickets and using their creative space responsibly.


Passion Projects!

I’ll show you how to use the Jewish Design Thinking Process to help kids choose who they want to help, and how to help in their own unique way.

It’s great for any age and perfect for bar or bas mitzvah age kids who want to do a meaningful project, doing what they love.



The Creator Cards Game

You will be amazed at the ideas your kids come up with when they start using the Creator Cards!


Mix-and-Match Project Cards

Your kids will enjoy choosing different combinations of chesed service projects and people to serve.


The Passion Fruit Game

They’ll earn Passion Badges by exploring the things they love.


Passionate Personal Growth!

Passion projects for kids as young as 6 foster a solution-driven growth mindset.

Kids grow naturally into responsible teachers and creative leaders as they design amazing, life-changing projects that they love!

Members of the academy receive exclusive access to the “Make Your Own Adventure” Starter Kit, featuring printable games, cards, posters & journals.



Talents & Strengths

The Talents Treasure Chest game will help your kids  recognize the greatness in themselves and others!


Middos Magic Planner

They will have fun exploring many ways to develop their good nature while helping others. This planner kit will show your kids how to work on their own middos (character traits), set goals for personal improvement, and track their progress- independently!


Creative Kindness

They will have fun exploring many ways to develop their good nature while helping others.

Get instant access to

All of these resources & more!

Bonus #1 


On Whatsapp or our Heartbeat Hub


Meet and brainstorm with other creative families and educators

Gallery of Passion Projects

Submit your kids’ projects to our gallery to inspire us all!

Accountability & Motivation

Share your goals with us for momentum.

Brainstorming & Resource Sharing

You don’t have to do it alone! Our supportive community will help you!

Bonus #2


Each month you’ll be able to download & print themed posters and challenges including Character Trait of the Month!

Bonus #3


Download & print my calligraphy artnotes each month from classes given by leading educators to inspire you – PLUS new training & project ideas!

Bonus #4

Loads of Support!

Monthly Q&A

Community Coaching

Private Coaching Upgrade Option

Innovation Lab Upgrade Option

Curriculum Integration for Teachers

Guidance for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Project Reviews


When am I going to find time for this?

Do you want your kids to:

⭐   See the relevance of what they’re learning?

⭐   Be creative & independent?

⭐   Be prepared for the “real world” with kindness?

⭐   Be ethical leaders who love Torah & mitzvahs?

⭐   Collaborate & communicate effectively?

In just 15 minutes a day, for less than the price of a pizza, you can transform the lives of your kids!

The kids do the work – the less you do, the better it is for them!

Isn’t all this worth 15 minutes of your time?

Total Value = $180

Join Shine Your Light Leadership Academy now!

Become a founding member for only $7.00/month!

All games and prints are printable and ready for instant download.

Just $7/month. Cancel any time.

Just look at some of the benefits of Passion Projects for kids:

⭐    Kids become the very best of who they are – even if they’re not doing well in school!

⭐  They create happy, meaningful and rewarding lives – in partnership with G-d.

⭐  They experience real-life leadership & practical skill-building projects – starting at age 6!

⭐  They gain entrepreneurial skills of innovation, creativity, resilience, grit & critical thinking – through real-life experience.

⭐  Passion Projects build self-confidence – authentically.


Who is This Membership for?


Kids age 6 & up

Gifted kids of any age


Gifted preschoolers


⭐ Kids who enjoy extra challenges

⭐ Kids who don’t “fit the mold”

High-functioning autistic kids








Uncles & Aunts

Anyone who cares about kids!

This special membership price is for one family or one teacher. Additional households or teachers require separate memberships.


What are the benefits
of becoming a Founding Member?


I’m on a mission to Transform Jewish Education to meet the individual needs of ALL kids!

After 30 years of using this PROVEN SYSTEM to transform kids and schools from the inside-out, I want this to be a no-brainer choice for you. I want as many kids as possible to start creating their own absolutely life-changing, joy-making Passion Projects!

Advantages of Being a Founding Member in Shine Your Light Leadership Academy

⭐  You’ll have more attention from me.
I will do my utmost to make this the best, easiest transformational program for individualizing Jewish education!

⭐  You can help shape the program.
I will create content specifically around your questions and tailored to your situation and the unique needs of your kids and students, in accordance with the Torah.

⭐  You’ll keep this low introductory price as long as you stay a member of Shine Your Light Leadership Academy – even when the price goes up in the future!

Since many of the games are new, I will be asking you for feedback and testimonials to encourage others to give their kids and students the incredible joy of passion project-based learning.

You keep this crazy low Founding Members price for as long as you remain a member!

Testimonials from Participants

The steps are clear and I love how Hashem is included! I did this with my 9 & 6 year old daughters. I never thought to ask my kids these questions and it was really special. My 9 year old made a neighborhood nature guide and my 6 year old made sight word cards for other new readers like herself.

Chana Voola

Home Schooling Mom, Author of Tefillah Power & many Jewish workbooks

My son was instantly attracted to playing the Creator Cards game. At first he was stumped. Then he remembered that I had broken my glasses. So he set to work making pipe cleaner glasses for me… until it dawned on him that him that they wouldn’t work without lenses.

But, what was really special about this first experience was how it planted the seed for his desire to do something useful and creative and fun for someone else. The next day while getting ready for bed he said, “Mom, we need a chart for night time routine. I’ll make it!” He took ownership! And he didn’t stop there. He learned how to use Canva and now we have charts for morning routine, night time routine, and Shabbos prep! All because of this game. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of next!

Marina Tselner

Artist & Art Educator, Studio Art Heart

Working on this project with my 1st-grade girls, was a most empowering experience, both for myself as well as the students. Watching these little girls tackle homelessness, head-on, was inspiring.

They matured before my eyes, as they independently spearheaded the coat and sweater drive. Within an eight-week period, they collected over 750 pieces. As their empathy grew, so did their confidence and willingness to tackle very grown-up topics and ambitions. As an educator, I came to realize how truly independent young children can be. I found that across the board, my students transformed into becoming independent thinkers and self- starters. These skills will help carry them through life. What we all gained was truly priceless!

Morah Malka

1st grade morah, Emek Hebrew Academy

Don’t wait!

Join Shine Your Light Leadership Academy now!

Become a founding member for only $7.00/month!

All games and prints are printable and will be ready for instant download.

Just $7/month. Cancel any time.


Ask about our curriculum support, in-service training, parent training & all-school discount! 


Day Schools

Afterschool Programs



Hebrew Schools

Supplemental Schools

Synagogue Programs


At-Risk Programs


Giving a gifted student more busy work is NOT going to motivate them.

It’s going to turn them off. They have many interests and passions and crave multi-faceted projects.


Is your child smart but under-challenged? Always a step or two (or more) ahead of the class?

Your child has talents and maybe your school has no idea how to develop them. Or you’re a great teacher and you don’t want to just give your gifted and talented kids more worksheets.

Super smart kids come with their own particular set of challenges. It’s a very different kind of special needs.

I can help you with this!

I have more than 20 years of experience as a gifted education specialist and I can’t wait to help you integrate Passion Projects in the classroom and home!



A Printable Game Kit for Kids

Our Kids Are a Unique Geulah Generation

We are so close to the revelation of Moshiach!
It could be a child’s Passion Project that brings the final Geulah.

In the Shine Your Light Leadership Academy logo, there’s an alef inside the shining star. This represents the statement of the Rebbe, “If all you know is alef (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet), then teach alef!” 

Thank G-d, I’ve had the privilege to help thousands of kids teach, create, and share what matters most to them – like the two 3rd graders who created a mitzvah packet and generated more than 1,500 mitzvahs in their school in one week – and so many more!

I can’t wait to show you how you can do it, too!

Don’t wait!

Join Shine Your Light Leadership Academy now!

Become a founding member for only $7.00/month!

All games and prints are printable and ready for instant download.

Just $7/month. Cancel any time.

Frequently asked questions

When are the Innovation Lab Zoom and Q & A sessions and will they be recorded?

Monthly Training and Q&A sessions are on the 4th Sunday of each month. Questions for the Q & A need to be submitted in advance.

Monthly Innovation Lab mastermind sessions:

The Jewish cohort meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month. (10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST/ 8:00 p.m. Israel)

The 7 Mitzvahs Cohort for our non-Jewish colleagues and friends meets on the 4th Sunday of each month. (10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST/ 8:00 p.m. Israel)

Other times may be available. If you can’t make a session, you can pre-submit questions and we’ll answer or brainstorm for you to listen to on the recording.

Is this a monthly subscription?

Yes! Each month you will receive new resources to help you develop the creativity, leadership, and personal development of your kids – and you’ll enjoy them, too!

What age is this for?

Shine Your Light Academy will appeal to kids and teens ages 6 & Up and younger gifted children, too. Younger children can also do this with adult help. Passion Projects are also a wonderful family activity for everyone to get to know what means the most to them and to do great things together!

How many copies of the game can I print?

As many as you need! These games and resources are designed to be used again and again. Just buy it once and use it for years to come! Each license (purchase) is valid for one family or teacher. These files are for non-commercial use only and may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation.

Please reach out to Rae at  RAE@HOLYSPARKS.COM  if you have any questions about schoolwide licenses or consulting.

How long do Passion Projects take?

That totally depends on the kids. It can take 5 minutes, a week, 6 months off-and-on, a year, or it can become a lifelong pursuit. That’s the beauty of Passion Projects! They open up the lifelong joyful passions and life mission of the child.

How much work is this going to be for me?

When a kid is self-motivated in the direction of their passions, THEY do all the work, not you. Your job as mentor is to help facilitate in the beginning and if they ask for help. Mostly you’ll be having meaningful discussions that will deepen your connection to your kids.

Will I get immediate access to my downloads?

Yes. As soon as you make your purchase, you’ll get an email with an invitation to our Academy Heartbeat Hub where you can dowload your printables and take the Make Your Own Adventure course. If you don’t receive your log-in email within an hour, check your spam or promotions folder. If you don’t see it, email me at

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. You have 7 days to have a look around the resource library and request a refund if it doesn’t suit you.

Do you have a Passion Projects program like this for women?

Yes! Check out my Passion Projects Mastermind for Jewish women at for my monthly and weekly programs.

What services do you offer for schools?

Contact me at for a free consult to customize a package for your school. Ask about our curriculum support, in-service training, & all-school discount!

I'm not Jewish. Can I join too?

Yes, we want all children to shine their light! We have a separate Innovation Lab 7 Mitzvahs cohort for our non-Jewish friends and colleagues. Please note that this cohort is also led from the Jewish perspective and all of our teachings are according to the Torah. | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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